About Joan

Joan Hust was born in a shack without running water and electricity in Cleveland, Ohio to a single mom. Her biological mom became her aunt after adoption by her maternal uncle. Joan’s parents never finished school, and by the time Joan was in fifth grade had attended 25 grammar schools. However, reading was always an important part of her growing up years.

First time she heard a prayer was when she visited her aunt’s home. Joan felt blessed to hear her name used in the prayer. Joan became a Christian under the preaching of Mrs. Billy Sunday while a sophomore in high school. She dropped out of school in her junior year, and enrolled in a 4 year Bible College in Florida graduating magna cum laude followed by a BA at Florida Southern College, and received an Alumni Achievement Award from Florida Southern College. She taught all grades through Junior College in Michigan, Florida, and the state of Washington receiving a Masters degree at Wayne State University, and Seattle University. She received an honorary doctorate of literature from Florida.

Joan and her husband served as missionaries in Africa. Bill supported her endeavors as a mechanical engineer at the Copper Mine. Joan produced a children’s weekly program on Zambia TV and radio, taught at the mine, parochial schools, and the Theological College of Central Africa. She wrote a safari manual, led safaris in Kafue National Park, and ran a printing operation in her home that supplied stationary, Bible tracts, and brochures for the country. She was the youth leader at the local church in Chingola, Zambia. Returning from Africa she received a Master in library science at Long Island University, and worked as a medical librarian in New York and Idaho.

Joan stays involved in missions by traveling to Africa, Cuba, China, Guatemala, India, and Mexico. She endeavors to build libraries, and teach www.medlineplus.gov the consumer health government database to the missionaries, and their workers. She speaks about her missions to local churches, civic groups, and schools.

Joan and her husband live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and have three grown children, four grandchildren who live in NY, WA, and AK.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter: Childhood Memories

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Joan's stories of her childhood set the stage for who she is today. One of her current passions is digging wells in Togo, Africa, where she has helped build three wells and a fourth is in the works!

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Proceeds from this book will be used to fund future well projects in Togo, West Africa.