Mission to Kenya - Writers Roost - Joan S. Hust - Author, Speaker, Missionary

Kenya is known as the Republic of Kenya in East Africa. It is on the equator next to the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, and Uganda. It was about a 5 hour layover and I stretched out and went to sleep at the airport. I woke up when a friend from Florida was excitedly rubbing my hair and calling me by my name. She was with her folks that we had not seen in years. They were excited to see our sons who they had not seen since they were babies.

Our first trip there American missionaries from the NW USA met us and drove us in their 4 wheel Land Rover through the game park. There was so much wildlife. We were very thrilled and excited to see so many animals. The scenery was stunning. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake and you can enter Hells Gate National Park which we enjoyed immensely. You see more flamingoes than you can count in the little town of Nakuru. I missed seeing a leopard in two of the trees on this outing. Pepper and Jacob attended school at the Rift Valley Academy. Even twenty years later they hear from some of their classmates. RVA is a Christian boarding school in Central Kenya. Jacob (Titchie Swat) grade 4 after the first year transferred to Sakeji in Zambia and he was able to come home three times, and Pepper 2 times a semester. I told Pepper not to play rugby. During one of Pepper’s holidays he asked me if he could play rugby, and I said “absolutely not!” The next term a missionary from Chingola visited their children and told me how well Pepper had done during a rugby game where he was knocked out cold.

Please pray for the Christians in Kenya to be equipped to witness to the Muslim population.

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