Mission to Malawi - Writers Roost - Joan S. Hust - Author, Speaker, Missionary

Malawi is officially the Republic of Malawi. It is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that was known as Nyasaland. It is on the border of Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique and is separated by beautiful Lake Malawi. It is called “the warm heart” of Africa because as you cross the border of Zambia where the Bemba tribe is known as “cheeky” you notice the difference right away. Joyce Banda is the President, and she is the first female leader of Malawi. Ladies had to wear their dresses 4 inches below their knee and there are no exceptions. Many tourists were turned away due to their short dresses. Bill and our sons went fishing. Jacob was casting and his hook caught the scalp of our fishing guide. We took him to the local clinic. The medic took a regular pair of pliers and pulled it out along with some of his hair and flesh. We met a nice Baptist missionary family and Bill was able to repair his car. Fortunately he had the parts but he did not have any idea how to install them.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter: Childhood Memories

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Joan's stories of her childhood set the stage for who she is today. One of her current passions is digging wells in Togo, Africa, where she has helped build three wells and a fourth is in the works!

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Proceeds from this book will be used to fund future well projects in Togo, West Africa.